How Much Is Cleveland Clinic Pay Grade 14 Salary? (Solution found)

Job Opportunities at The Cleveland Clinic Organized by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Registered Nurse (RN) Range:$24 – $37 Average:$30
Medical Assistant Range:$14 – $20 Average:$17
Health Unit Coordinator Range:$14 – $20 Average:$16
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Range:$17 – $28 Average:$21

• a total of three

Does the Cleveland Clinic pay well?

Compensation at Cleveland Clinic is determined on the department or organizational role that you work in. Employees in Engineering positions at Cleveland Clinic receive the highest salaries, with an average income of $80,421. Employees in the information technology organizational function are likewise well compensated, with an average annual salary of $73,051.

How do you calculate pay grade level?

The pay grade of a position is typically determined by the amount of tasks done within the job description of the post, the power exerted by the position, and the length of time the employee has been employed to execute the role.

Does Cleveland Clinic negotiate salary?

Salary Should Be Negotiated Negotiate your wage if you believe that you and your skill set should be valued more than what you are being offered. Employees at the Cleveland Clinic reported that they bargained their salary in 30% of cases.

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Does pay grade mean salary?

Grade pay is the specific monetary compensation that a person receives for working in a job that is classified according to a pay grade system. It is not necessary to negotiate salaries while using this form of payment system because it is predetermined and organized. Pay grade systems are comprised of a number of grades or levels, each of which has certain requirements that must be met.

How much does the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic make?

In Cleveland, hospital CEOs make the following amount each year on average: The Cleveland Clinic will receive $4 million. University Hospitals will get $2.2 million in funding.

What does a pay grade 13 mean?

The paygrade of GS-13 is the thirteenth in the General Schedule (GS) payscale, which is the payscale that is used to calculate the wages of the vast majority of civilian government employees. In most cases, the GS-13 pay grade is designated for high-level roles such as managers, high-level technical specialists, and top professionals with advanced degrees.

What do different pay grades mean?

Generally speaking, pay grades are a means of dividing different sorts of employment into groups that have the same relative pay rate and internal worth as the other groups. For both commercial and public sector companies, they are utilized to provide a common framework for monetary remuneration.

How much do Cleveland Clinic nurses make?

The average yearly salary for a Cleveland Clinic Registered Nurse in the United States is roughly $57,531, which is approximately 11 percent less than the national average.

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Is Cleveland Clinic a good place to work?

Cleveland Clinic was named the 17th best place to work by Fortune and Great Place to Work, based on surveys completed by approximately 88,000 employees from throughout the industry. The findings suggest that Cleveland Clinic workers benefit from a supportive work environment that is characterized by good communication and leadership trust.

What is a pay grade 14?

The paygrade of GS-14 is the fourteenth in the General Schedule (GS) payscale, which is the payscale that is used to calculate the wages of the vast majority of civilian government employees. In the first year of employment, the starting compensation for a GS-14 employee is $93,907.00 per year, with a maximum attainable base pay of $122,077.00 per year during the tenth year of employment.

What is the salary of 5400 grade pay?

Salary in Pay Band 3 is $13,500 per year (15600-39100) 5400 dollars per month in grade pay Salary: 56100, which corresponds to the 7th Pay Commission Rationalised Entry Pay. Gross Salary: 78000- 88000 per month (net of benefits).

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