How Much Does A Dialysis Clinic Manager Make?

Salary of a Dialysis Clinical Manager

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $110,000 $9,166
75th Percentile $100,500 $8,375
Average $86,109 $7,175
25th Percentile $71,500 $5,958

What is the amount of money that Dialysis Clinic Inc pays?

  • What is the amount of money that Dialysis Clinic Inc pays? The typical income for a Social Worker at Dialysis Clinic Inc ranges from around $62,539 per year to $147,241 per year for a Nurse Manager, with the lowest compensation being $62,539 per year. Average Dialysis Clinic Inc hourly salary ranges from roughly $16 per hour for a PCT Patient Care Tech to $35,413 per hour for a Certified Cardiovascular Health Technologist/Patient Care Tech.

How much do Fresenius clinic managers make?

The average yearly salary for a Fresenius Medical Care Clinic Manager in the United States is roughly $79,389, which is approximately 8% higher than the national average.

What does a dialysis clinical manager do?

What do Clinical Managers do on a daily basis? Supervise and direct personnel in order to provide high-quality and consistent patient care. Manage the recruitment, selection, training, and development of new employees. Participate in the formulation of care plans and the monitoring of the budget and utilization of operational resources.

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How much does a clinic manager earn in South Africa?

The average clinical manager compensation in South Africa is R 780 000 per year, which equates to around R 400 per hour of work. Most entry-level occupations start around R 360 000 per year, while the most experienced professionals may earn up to R 7 807 930 per year in the most competitive industries.

How much do rn make in dialysis?

What does a Dialysis Nurse make on a per hour basis? Per, the average yearly income for Dialysis nurses is $70,310 (or $32.97 per hour).

How much does a dialysis tech make at Fresenius?

The average hourly wage for a Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Technician in the United States is roughly $15.48, which is approximately 36% less than the national average wage.

How much does a clinic manager earn?

In London, the average compensation for a Clinic Manager is £31,911, according to Payscale. Estimates of Clinic Manager salaries in London, United Kingdom are based on 20 salaries provided anonymously to Glassdoor by Clinic Manager workers.

What is a clinical manager at a hospital?

A clinical manager is in charge of all administrative parts of a healthcare institution and is responsible for them all. It is possible that you may be in charge of onboarding new personnel, training existing employees, monitoring clinic operations, developing a budget, assessing treatment plans, or dealing with upper management on a daily basis!

Do dialysis nurses get paid more?

Dialysis is a specialized field, and as a result, the pay is slightly greater in most places. However, all nurses in the Midwest are significantly underpaid, so choose a career path that appeals to you.

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Do dialysis nurses make more money?

What does an Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse make on a per hour basis? In the United States, the average salary for an Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse is $85,506. Acute Dialysis Registered Nurses earn the highest in San Francisco, California, with an average total pay of $101,373, which is 19 percent higher than the national average.

Do dialysis nurses make good money?

You will be able to make a comfortable livelihood. Entry-level dialysis nurses may expect to earn between $65,000 and $75,000 per year on average. If you have previous experience as a dialysis nurse, you can expect to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000 per year on average.

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